Software platform that connects to your locks to control access to your sites.

Optimize your Operations: Issue and revoke thousands of digital keys efficiently and in real-time through our user friendly interface.

Enhance your Audit Trails: Generate reliable access reports to know who, where and when.

Integrate to your own Systems: Integrate Teleporte seamlessly with your own monitoring and ticketing platforms and generate business intelligence.

Eliminate Physical Keys: Use the Teleporte app to download digital keys to open Sera4 locks securely with your smartphone.

Protect your Data: Authenticate users to their smartphones and independently to the server. Rely on phones that respond to key creation and cancelation in real time.

Automate and Enrich: Maximize the potential of smart features in smartphones such as GPS, camera and biometrics.

Digital Security

Teleporte has a unique and patented security architecture that does not rely on typical Bluetooth encryption methods.

No single points of failure: Sera4 off-the-grid access points only unlock on short-range proximity requests.